Pirate cove mami is the greatest, gayest most meme otp ship of all time on turtleseed.

also it is literally humour from 2012

How it startedEdit


@minnesota 's greatest creation that fueled this ship

The ship pirate cove mami started with @MamiTetris being the gay fuck they are falling in love with the gay fuck that is @Piratecovefoxy.The end     



@TanakaGundam made the first gay video that made this ship even more shit and later on the gayness spread and @MamiTetris made a shitty amv. Much later @PirateCoveFoxy made a another amv, closing the meme sort of?

*--*pirate cove mami*--* xxX..BE MY BAD BOY AMV..03:09

*--*pirate cove mami*--* xxX..BE MY BAD BOY AMV...Xxx


Pirate cove mami00:54

Pirate cove mami


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