@plants is a turtleseed user who is possibly the real mikoto mikoshiba

  • makes puns
  • can combine with users @mikorin and @mikotomikoshiba to become the ultimate mikorin
  • has a crush on every single Turtleseed user

Testimonials Edit

A place for praise, adoration, criticism-- whatever waters ur houseplants. Edit

i'm probably in love with @plants tbh...they're one of the nicest people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting and they make sure everyone feels loved when things are going wrong? keep doing ur thing man i love u --anon

super super nice!! lov this plants !! literally so nice and happy 2 everyone and super cool!!

a really cool guy wtf??? a rescuer of the fallen, a saviour of the broken. accused me of being straight if i didnt watch magical anime girls with him so thats going to happen one day. honourary member of the santa cru + i finally got him to follow me after all this time. now i can die a happy man -@xavier


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