About Edit

the ts user formerly known as prettyboy and now as tsar goes by the name emory and has given more shore love than he cares to admit. hint: whatever you're thinking, it's probably more than that. he is a self declared osu evangelist and spends more time clicking circles than actually using social media to be social. he also takes epic mafia far too seriously and will cc any role. don't try him. 1v1 me right now crier

emory is a demiboy, uses he/him pronouns, and has decided that he's skoliosexual for now. when he isn't busy wanting to be t h e b e s t at things he enjoys eating, sleeping, and doing gay things with his boyfriend of almost 2 years, ts user SHSLReserve. he is also kin with aph sweden, komaeda, clead, and dio brando.

testimonials Edit

prettyboy emory is the best epic mafia player & the coolest turtleseed user out there,

the reason i didn't make this bio a meme is because youre already memey enough Edit

emory is super generous as hell,, got me where i am,,, and also way too powerful in epic mafia, the best -aangEdit

very generous and supportive. we love seeing you on our shore 🌟 -@princessluna


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