@princessluna is the True princess of the night. agender (she/her) & aro/ace. she uses the Royal "we". FC: 3196-5196-7608

she typically lurks on the shore during the day, and attempts to contribute in the evenings.
Princess luna oras training

@princessluna on her 3ds

important things to know:

  • she is socially inept and empathy deficient (alexithymia + szpd), so she may be awkward or unintentionally cold in emotional situations. she also has ppd.
  • she lacks a fundamental "something" that prevents her from making anything other than friendly acquaintances.
  • she may disappear for a long while, but she'll return eventually.
  • if you bring up pokemon, neopets, mlp, or listography, you're in for it.
  • she's sadly not a team player and will never participate in any group/sitewide icon changes. she's also not a big memer.

she has a tumblr that she uses when she has the energy for it. she also has an art blog, which she would be happy to share with any mutuals.

she religiously deletes her seeds every 10~90 minutes so if you plan on replying/reseeding something of hers at a later time, you may miss your chance.

she's a moon/sea witch and is practicing her tarot reading, so if you have any questions about either of those, feel free to ask.

she's INTJ, RCOEI, melancholic, type 5, chaotic good, a scorpio, a ravenclaw, and a bat.

she's over 18, so if you're a minor, please be aware of this and don't send her nsfw/etc things that she could get in trouble for.

mostly on twitter now @irlprincessluna. a more thorough "about" can be found here.

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