2010 Flash Crash

Miniwolf children howl

Username @renamon
Title Seedizen
Gender Agender
Age 21 (1995)
Status Deactivated (21 Sept. 2016)

@Renamon, currently with the name 2010 Flash Crash, is a seedizen. Their presence on Turtleseed is small, similar to that of a person in the corner of a room during a party who is very lost in how many ways they could mess up approaching others at the party only to occasionally raise a hand and say something only to mutter "no, that's not right; it'd be better if--" shortly after.

Despite the name "Renamon", a digimon from "Digimon Tamers", they have very little interest in the show and have only seen the first 14 episodes or so of Tamers & at least half of "Digimon Fusion" because it was on every morning for an entire semester of college before they left for school or work.

Their original, and currently only other, user handle was "@laputamon" (a portmanteau of the flying city of "Laputa" and the "-mon" suffix for all digital monsters), however @baka jokingly reminded them that this was a gendered slur in Spanish and they were quick to change it anyway because they were new to Turtleseed and afraid of getting banned from the site so shortly after joining.

They originally joined Turtleseed as a joke when they saw other friends, during the Great Tumblr Migration, poking fun at it for being "like if Tumblr created a utopian world and government and it was slowly crumbling". Even so, they began to develop a genuine love for the accepting and village-like atmosphere Turtleseed and their "joke" turned into a safe space when times got rough. They also feared the idea of allowing the website to fall by the wayside into Internet history obscurity with no written record, inevitable as it is, so they keep an excel spreadsheet of major events and frequently edit the wiki to be more representative of the status of the website (they are not the creator of the turtleseed wiki, though).

Some would call them a "tuff kid". On July 14, 2015, they became one of the first Turtleseed users to access the website via the Internet Channel on the Nintendo Wii. They can be kind of a lame snob too, so, it's good to keep them in check.

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About Edit

  • Pronouns: He/They (agender)
  • Joined Turtleseed: August 23, 2014
  • Interests: Writing/Literature, Language, Demography, Anime/Manga, Cartoons, Journalism
  • Favorite Books: Afterdark (Murakami), Dracula (Stoker), The True Deceiver (Jansson), War by Candlelight (Alarcón)
  • Favorite Manga: Bakuman (Ohba & Obata), Mushishi (Urushibara), Rurouni Kenshin (Watsuki),
  • Favorite Shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Boogiepop Phantom, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Serial Experiments Lain, Rose of Versailles
  • Favorite Movies: Persepolis, The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Whisper of the Heart, Wolf Children, Holes, Pan's Labyrinth

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