Testimonials Edit

"embrace the memes shijmeme ikari" - @tsumikimikan

"shinjmeme will take over the world with memes i cant believe this" - @pocky

"u wanna fuckin go shinji we'll go ill kick ur ass" - @mermaids

"every time i see nge i think of u tbh also u r rlly memey" -@maizonos

"i just realized i didnt leave u a testimonial so here u go [insert gay meme joke] [insert "i look fucking twelve" kun joke] ur super duper cute n important and ilu lots!!!!!!!!!" -@kazuichisouda

“Now that’s what I call,” turtleeed user @spookyshinji paused, “an Adam’s apple.” - @maizonos

"@spookyshinji shinji i just woke up why r u speaking fuckign anime" -@tsumikimikan


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