Aleks (user @sailormars) is some nerd who somehow ended up on this turtleseed thing and who now spends


At some point you have to accept that the best way to represent yourself is a Sailor Senshi dollmaker of an evil triangle.

their time arguing over Dorito flavors.

Their sole joy in life is the fact they got a canon Sailor Moon URL.

They're 24, pangender, glitchkin, and yet another Bill Cipher fictionkin. They also really love magical girls and cats, but that's less kinstuff and more magical girls and cats being rad.

They're dating @tabunne.

Random Facts Edit

  • They currently own no pets, but dream of owning about 20 ragamuffin kittens.
  • They love the Mega Man fandom utterly and truly, but the only Mega Man game they've beaten was MMX8. On Easy mode.
  • They hoard Skydancers on Flight Rising.
  • They have a birthmark on their middle finger. This is hilarious when they flip people off. To them. And no one else.

Testimonials Edit

Put things here? IDK.

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