Alexa @sayaka is a big nerd and fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She is also a Shore News Anchorwoman and an active opposer of the Moe Kano Invasions.

As the queen of Turtleseed, she tried to become the first non-staff Legend, but failed. @Alec beat her to it. On Sunday August 25th, 2014. 5:25 am EDT, Sayaka became a Legend due to the immense generosity of @zetsubou.

Sayaka has been on Turtleseed since March 11th, 2014 and remains seeding to this day. She is known to say she is going to bed and getting off of Turtleseed, but then minutes later, she will be liking seeds. Many have objected to her "lurking," but she does not stop.

Being a long time user and huge contributor to the website, staff allowed Sayaka to help beta test the iPhone app. She also was allowed to get the iPhone app 4 days earlier than the official release.

On May 20th, 2015, as a part of 6 Days of GIF(ts), Sayaka became the first moderator on the site.

She is a future staff member of Turtleseed, but must finish her education first. Users wait patiently for the day she finally becomes a staff member.

Sayaka is a heterosexual and gets teased about her sexuality almost every day. Sayaka is still accepted within the Turtleseed community either way.

Sayaka x @Turtleseed OTP

Quotes Edit

  • "does the way i slurp my yogurt turn you on"
  • "#whatyesterday"
  • "urtleseed"
  • "this is no place for memes"
  • "turtleseed can get as frisky with me as they want"
  • "that would explain the 3 person circlejerk"