Sealand is a turtleseed user in the #Shoretalia community. They like to claim that they are a country, but frankly, they are not. Sealand is not a country, no matter what Turtleseed user Sealand says. They're best friends with turtleseed user Denmark, and datefriend to turtleseed user Latvia. Sealand has a knack for starting wars with people in the #Shoretalia community for no real reason.


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Personality and Interests Edit

Turtleseed user Sealand isn't very sure what to say about themself while they write this, as they are the one making this wiki page. They would like to inform you, the reader, that they prefer they/them pronouns, and are particularly partial to the colour purple. Their MBTI type is INTP, and although they don't particularly believe in astrology, they would like to inform you that their zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Some of turtleseed user Sealand's favourite things include starting silly wars with fellow #Shoretalia members, drinking apple juice, chatting with turtleseed users Denmark and Latvia, and joining in on the memes. Sealand is also particularly fond of webcomics, anime, naps, and talking about themself.

Sealand tries their very best not to offend others on turtleseed, and is very aware that wars and capslocking repeatedly can clog up the shore and annoy other users. Sealand would not really be bothered if people blocked them because of this. They really want other people to be comfortable on turtleseed, but they also like to enjoy themself and make friends (like users Japan, Lithuania, Russia, and Aang).

Sealand hopes to one day be the proper leader of the micronations in #Shoretalia and perhaps take over the whole of #Shoretalia, but this dream is probably unreachable and they are fairly content to just stay where they are.

As a Canadian, turtleseed user Sealand enjoys all things Canadian, and will talk about Canadian things to anyone who listens.

Before ending this wiki page, Turtleseed user Sealand would like to inform the reader that they're name is Sve, and they are the actual irl aph Sweden.

Sealand's wars are for the sole purpose of playfully bothering people and attempting, albeit rather roughly, to make friends.

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