Tall People vs. Short People Edit

The war accidentally started when Turtleseed user @hex seeded about their height at 3am on August 20th, 2014. They seeded a second seed, asking tall people to put it on their shoulders. There was no threat to tall people. It was a peaceful seed.

Then, turtleseed user @tsumikimikan posted a seed about tall people being better than short people. @hex decided to defend its people. As you can see, the short people did not start the war, the tall people did.

People 5'5 and under are allowed to be in the Short Gang. 5'7 and over is in the Tall Gang. Anyone who is 5'6 is neither, the chosen to balance us out and find the solution to the war.

The Short Gang would have nineteen people if @soup was in the gang. They had left when they offered to join the tall people, but only if the tall people pick them up. The Tall Gang claims that @soup is their secret, powerful weapon, but there is no proof on this.

Known Members of the Short Gang Edit

There are twenty-one members in the Short Gang, but those are the known ones.

@soup is a traitor to the Short Gang. Do not talk to them.

@trash, while being 6'0, offered their services to the Short Gang. As of 5:03 am, they were accepted.

Known Members of the Tall Gang Edit

There is no known number for the Tall Gang. The members once said it was ten but they are not giving us any information.

@soup while only being 5'4" was allowed into the tall gang for their abilities in fighting and rope climbing. Because they were the greatest threat to the Tall Gang they were accepted.

Known Members of Neither Edit

There may be more members in all 3 groups. Those are the confirmed ones.

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