About Edit

Kye has a new un and they're now @inashiro. she probably could have just changed the name on this page but he didn't figure out how to do that until after making the new page rip

Testimonials Edit

kye is gay and needs a canon daiya un - everyone in the daiya crew

kye is my narumiya loving scapegoat -not @yuki

i love kye pls follow her she doesnt hate me for liking narumiya -probably @yuki

Gay - @kominato

fucking narumiyafucker69 ur fuckign Gay - @raichi

gay lmao also gayball -@tsuikimikan

narumiya fucker - @gender

TOO. CUTE. cute overload super sweetheart holy sHIT i love them soooooooooo much <333333333333333333333 -@santa

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