Real Name aurelia
Username @boueibu
Title seedizen(rip)
Gender  ???
Age you decide
Status here but not here

About this ts Edit

this is a system shared ts. aurelia is an overall name for the system.

About the system Edit

they refer to themselves as the royal galaxias system. this is a 3 part system consisting of the former host, destroyer/ current host, and defender.

About Ri Edit

ri/raisa + cis girl(she/her) + irl seisa mikagura + former host (mostly dormant)

About Yumoto Edit

parfait/yumoto + androgyne(he/him, she/her) + "dating" yeshi + irl yumoto hakone + destroyer/current host (active)

About Akihiko Edit

akihiko + nb boy(he/him) + irl akihiko beppu + defender (comes out when other systemmates are triggered or fronts by himself or when yumoto wants him there)

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