turtleseed user Shiroba has a canon username and is Very Cool!! they are a dorky queer robot who is completely infatuated with space, and loves flowers, music, clothes, and video games. they get very excited very easily and jump around a lot.

they prefer they/them pronouns, but also use she/her pronouns. they are a pansexual nonbinary nerd.

other names they go by are Friv and Bunn, but Friv is most commonly used.

some friends of theirs are hinawa, kumatora, scottpilgrim, mizuki, and usagimodoki

Shiroba speaks english as their first language, but has lived in sweden for over half of their life and speaks swedish fluently. käka kuk

despite having the username Shiroba, they have little in common with him except for thigh highs.

their tumblr can be found here!!

@hinawa Edit

shiroba is a gay ass robot who is also my dad. they are super cute and we're going to queer robot hell together.

-lobster boy


me and frivbot wanting orange juice Mother Fucker

@kumatora Edit

me and my husbando have been married for i think a year now. luv that husbando.

we make naehiro together. we have 3 beautiful children: hinat, kayla, and cheerio. we are a very happy family. we cant find our son, kayla always takes the car keys, and cheerio is the only one who doesnt constantly disappear.


@slyblue Edit

they kindda get along???? idk they have meme offs and most of the time sly wins by making him throw up.

@mizuki Edit

friv is very pretty

she's also a huge nerd

a big pretty nerd