@shuuya is a Turtleseed user who joined the site on August 10th, 2014, and aided the advertising effort on Tumblr that led to the Great Tumblr Migration (aka Turtleseed's first big growth spurt) shortly after. They like to think they're really fucking cool for having been on the site like a day or two longer than most users and helping with advertising, even though they didn't make the viral post on Tumblr themself and they're kind of just a shit nerd tbh


  • Created the Moe Kano meme.
  • Also created the infamous Togami leg post on Tumblr and sort of hates themself for it but has to make the fact known nevertheless because they hate people that don't give them credit for it a thousand times more, god damn.
  • They prefer to consider themself a demigirl for now but are exploring other options because what the fuck is gender even. So she/they pronouns please!
  • Their birthday is May 18th and their top priority wishlist item is currently this hoodie . Y'know. Hint hint.
  • They hold a strong love for pepperoni and will go out of their way to hoard packages of it for themself. They even put pepperoni on their eyes once, like you'd do with cucumbers at the spa. We don't talk about that, though.
  • Their best friend on Turtleseed is everyone. That's right, everyone. That means you. Congratulations, they love you. ♡
  • Also they love the ♡ emoji and will use it at any given opportunity. ♡♡♡



"#coolkano" -- Turtleseed user @Koujaku
"@shuuya is a gift" -- Turtleseed user @chigusa
"turtleseed user shuuya has made it apparent that when i destroy the world, they will be the first i spare from destruction" -- Turtleseed user @sayaka
"what if kano shuuya was a real person and he would like break into ur house give u bad advice take food and leave" -- Turtleseed user @txt

(the last one isn't exactly a testimonial but it's precisely what @shuuya would do if they knew your address so)


matches uns with @tsubomi! tahts so cool!!! really cool noice. noice

the real pepperoni queen

apparently kano likes ukulele players (serenade them)

puts the pro in procrastinate t b h

kano west

damn you shuuya -@haise

really cool ily in a plato sort of way


Cool LinksEdit

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