About Edit

sly (@slyblue) is just a user on turtleseed whose main objective is to 'destroy the memes', which doesn't make sense because they are, in fact, a meme themself.

@sly actually lives on mobile turtleseed but still makes fun of it.

Stuff About Sly Edit

  • their actual name is always misspelled
  • was the tree that was pissed on in the warrior cat fanfic @neopet wrote
  • okay with pretty much any pronoun
  • loves the piano but can't play well
  • can be either noiz or sly it doesn't matter

Famous Quotes Edit

  • w e l c o m e t o y o u r t w i s t e d m i n d a o b a
    • [10/13/2014 5:24:04 PM] aoboob my "other self": Sly's aesthetic
  • this is my oc sneaky red!!!! he's sly's older brother!!!!! dont flame!!!!
  • i finally got yellow socks

Testimonials Edit

  • sly is the meme king. do not trust her she will spill orange juice on your clothes and burn your tassels (@shiroba)
  • ur a fucking nerd (@mizuki)
  • booty bump (@AobaSeragaki)
  • suprmeme overlord (an actual rl friend)