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About Edit

soulgems is a gay nerd who instead of doing hw likes to shitseed and ramble about stuff that happens to them. Some of their posts have made it pretty high on the hatch 100 but not #1 since they arent that creative or funny. They luv asuka langley soryu, trans headcanons and pmmm so if you mention those they'll never shut up. Also well known for being dangan ronpa trash. They are currently being forced to watch jojos bizarre adventure by their father dio also known as @OowadaMondo and their mather @goldexperience. They died a long time ago due to @marvel's anime morphs.

Delete this

When soulgems asked what they should put on their wiki turtleseed user robots told them to crudely draw dicks. Soulgems did but doesn't know how to draw dicks i mean seriously look how badly i fucked up

Testimonials Edit

Say how rad I am B)

wow! a cute!!

cute as fuck, great friendo, mmmmmmm <3

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