Terra's most recent icon.

Is @terra a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

(Probably not.)

About Edit

Terra is just some old user on Turtleseed that doesn't really do anything there but complain. They are 13, neutrois, a robot, and always refers to themselves with 'they' pronouns (although any pronouns are fine).

They are usually grumpy, and their body is probably full of hatred and misery. When they're not acting grumpy, they're usually talkative and outgoing. They have constant mood swings and anxiety, but don't worry about it.

They like video games that no one talks about, odd fashion, astronomy, Tamogatchi, and some other things. They like to draw, play video games, and chat with friends, but strongly dislike dirtiness, insects, 'fandoms', and Giygas.

Also part of the 5'3 Crew.

Testimonials Edit


this my hella cool buddy. hell yea. -maru

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