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 @tfw is a turtleseed counselor who joined right before turtleseed switched servers. Their real name is Kes but they are increasingly responding  to tfw, and thus are slowly transforming into a meme. They currently are experiencing that feel when no gf, and also the Gay feel. @tfw insists on capitalizing words even when not grammatically correct, which makes them a huge nerd.

Official Titles Edit

  • Meme Monarch
  • Shore News Anchor
  • @Mfw's waifu
  • Gay Homosexual
  • Memeologist

Other Facts Edit

  • For a while @tfw had no icon at all, forcing them into some odd aesthetic which was probably some "tumblr bullshit".
  • @tfw's first un was nononjakuzure, but @tfw is kinda lazy so they gave up that un to become memeguca
  • @tfw is ace and their romantic orientation may or may not exist, it's like an urban legend that people occassionally catch a glimpse of.
  • @tfw is nonbinary which means everything they do is gay
  • @tfw is 16 and can't give shore love right now but One Day...
  • Legacies include a turtleseed playlist and a few seed puns

Testimonials (pls add)Edit

  • TS user @tfw was one of the first people I followed and they've been making Quality Memes since 1998
  • quality memer, i aspire to reach that quality of memeitry someday
  • hte fukcign
  • wow A CUTE
  • radical memer
  • as soon as ts user @tfw hits your shore there's no escape from the memes
  • tfw no nonon un or figure
  • before tfw i didnt care whether anyone took the @nogf un but now i await it eagerly
  • todays meme is.....memes

Gallery Edit

Tfw no gf

Real life picture of Turtleseed user @tfw


an accurate image of ts user @tfw