On 5/16/15, 5 Counselors were promoted to Legend status. These people were @asuna (#23), @yuuichirou (#24), @Pasty (#25), @antimony (#26), and @darkpittoo (#27). The village shore love goals that day ended up being 9,280%, or 464 / 5 (at the same time receiving 90/106 log ins). The staff themselves declared the day a holiday, and to be marked in history books. The shore that day was nothing but good vibes and a very active shore all day. There was much talk of how devoid of recent conversation many of the clans were, but there was little to no immediate success in any Post-Clan Revivalist Movement. However, in the month following the 6 Day of GIF(ts), and after a change in how Turtleseed gauges the popularity of clans, many new clans were formed by and to welcome new users. Many of the older clans were also revived, such as /ts/anime, /ts/Selfie, and /ts/AnimalCrossing, to varying degrees of success.

We also do hope to remember this day as that upon which @Turtleseed returned to both Turtleseed and Twitter, which could be considered a holiday in itself. At 5:41PM GMT, the Turtleseed Twitter account published its first tweet since October 27, 2014, stating "XD" and receiving 33 retweets, sounding the bugle of the Third Turtleseed Revolution (also potentially referred to as the Second Turtleseed Restoration). This was met with mixed remarks, as many rumors of Turtleseed's return had been brewing among former users since the May 11, 2015 Maintenance Day, unofficially to be known as The Day of Black Sun by this editor. Both of these events were unofficial precursors to the 6 Days of GIF(ts).

Side Note from an editor: @Marie, Legend #15, also returned on this day, one of the users who had joined during the Great Tumblr Migration in August 2014.

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