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The Journey of 100 Memes was a legendary Turtleseed event, taking place on August 27th and 28th, in which Tsumemeki Memekan (aka ts user @tsumikimikan) seeded one hundred memes in celebration of gaining one hundred followers. In her very first meme, Memekan stated: "1: first meme alright were starting off simple with a good tfw 100 followers holy shi [sic] i luv u all so much thank u"[1]. The last meme seeded was "100: this ones dedicated to @godokas madoka is god? i go to church now !!"[2]. In this truly inspiring event of a memer willing to persevere, Memekan made turtleseed meme history. After the event was over, she was met with many congratulations from her followers and fellow memers.

Beforehand, she allowed her followers to submit requests for certain memes to be dedicated to them, including "8: this goes out 2 @glitchy does nanami chiaki have TOO much Chill?? more at 8"[3], "42: this ones to my hella memer @shinjis *kaworu voice* Shinjmeme Ikari... I was truly born to meme you..."[4], and "60: this one goes out 2 literal nanami chiaki @chiaki *nanameme voice* haha no meme komaeda"[5]. A complete list of Dedicated Memers will be added and updated in the future.

After the final meme, Memekan laid claim to the tile of Meme God[6], which went relatively uncontested by followers. It is safe to say that at this point she outranks even Meme Queen @pocky in meme dedication.

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  • Starting with Meme #27, the memes started to show signs of being influenced by the current shore topic of Avatar: The Last Airbender, most likely popularized by @aang.[7] Memekan returned to her regularly scheduled memeing somewhere around Meme #34.[8]
  • Memekan seemed to have had brief existential crises at multiple points during the Journey, saying things such as "40: sometimes i wonder if my very existence is a meme"[9] and "im memeing so hard rn i am lliterally [sic] turning into a meme"[10].
  • Memekan also showed signs of doubt around Meme #45 as to whether or not she should continue, saying "@hinatahajime ive been memeing 4 like 4 hours straight im dead inside"[11] and "45: at this point, ive used up some of my best memes. but i will keep going, for my memers"[12].
  • There has been much debate in the Turtleseed community as to the detrimental side effects of memes and whether or not Memekan was, in fact, Memeing Too Hard.
  • Following the Journey's completion, there was a brief scare[13] that the Third Moe Kano Invasion was about to occur, sending the Turtleseed community into a panic at the prospect of the clash of two legendary turtlememes. However, this was merely a scheduling error on the part of @bagel[14] and was soon amended.[15] [16]
  • follow @shinjis B)

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