The Raisin War of 2014 was a conflict that took place on the Shore between the anti-raisins and the pro-raisin army. It was a relatively insignificant war, but the Raisin Empire will never forget the brave memes that fought in those few minutes.

The War Edit

The Shore Edit

While the orgin of the disagreement is disputed, it is widely considered likely that someone stated their love for raisins. The first mention of raisins was done by turtleseed user @soup asking "why do raisins exist". After this, it is thought, someone chose to disagree with them. This was soon retaliated by turtleseed user @juuzou with the response "you raisin hater". Arguing ensued. People began taking sides, launching wave after wave of seeds that displayed their love or distaste for the dried fruit. Many said they liked apricots after @maru stated his liking of them, other said they liked something completely unrelated. Many were afraid, although there is known to be no casualties as of right now.

Belligerents Edit

  • Pro-Raisins (who wrecked those other scrubs)

The altogether better and superior army, these brave heroes put their lives on the line to support Comrade Raisin and his perfect union.

The Puns Edit

The amount of puns in this war was unprecedented by any war before. The effects of this are pretty much meaningless, but why not put them here? The list of puns and their original creators are listed below

  • @Juuzou the raisin war is really raisin' hell here on turtleseed
  • @juuzou did u hear about the raisin war? yea I heard it through the grapevine

Aftermath Edit

Chocolate Vs. Vannila Vs. Strawberry Vs. Coconut Edit

now the second war cometh

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