background Edit

on the eve of halloween 1st, 2k14, turtleseed user @kazuichisouda decided it was time for A Change........and a Spooky One at that

so, what else would max do but change their un?!?! they couldnt decide which url to choose so they made a poll. the options were, in order:

  • spookyhiroko
  • skeletonnaegi
  • ghostnaegi
  • skelesouda

controversy & all out war Edit

at first the votes rose steadily, skelesouda taking a clear lead. max hadnt expected skelesouda to take such a lead, and remembered that they had checked it so you could vote multiple times. they then seeded that, and the votes for ghostnaegi started rising quicker and quicker. it was clear that ghostnaegi would win.

but soon after, a Challenger appeared. the votes for skelesouda were skyrocketing, a vote a second. max couldnt believe this

the challenger was one of max's friends, cola (@maizonos). it courageously persevered and helped get skelesouda as far as it did.


the final results of the battle

many seeders were becoming competitive, enough to make seeds like this one from ts user @phantom, "(งò_ó)ง ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ ...... me kickin out all the skelesoudas"

after a long battle, ghostnaegi won, and max changed their un

but skelesouda supporters were not at a total loss! max changed their tumblr url to skelesouda!!!

seeders involved Edit

  • @kazuichisouda
  • @maizonos
  • @gender
  • @paz
  • @phantom
  • @shuuya
  • @akira

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