A slowly growing group of adorable transformers fans/fictionkin/botkin and all around robot fans that have taken it upon themselves to make everyone's day brighter with robots! This group consists of ts users @optimusprime @chromedome @Swerve @tailgate @kaon @blurr @kn0ckout @breakdown @robots @vos @NewtonGeiszler @tarn @wreckgar @mecha @bumblebee and @pharma currently, more ts users are added almost daily. The tf crew is very accepting and sweet, don't be shy if you want to come say hi! Everyone is accepted into the tf crew.

@optimusprime@chromedome@Swerve@tailgate@kaon@blurr@kn0ckout@breakdown @robots @vos @mecha @NewtonGeiszler@tarn@wreckgar @bumblebee @pharma

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