Nic 08

Real Name Vash
Username @trash
Gender male
Age ageless
Status dating his right hand
Fave Meme doge

@trash joined the 26th of August, 2014 during the influx of Tumblr. He was invited by a now ex-user to join the small group of Hetalians and previous permanent UN was @Japan upon creation.

When his computer broke, Turtleseed did not have an app and he could not keep up with the website, especially because his primary group of friends were an epic mafia group. Upon his return on the 22nd of May however, he dawned a new username (which he would change multiple times before becoming @trash) and with his connection to old TS user @deity, became relevant on the site.

Now, he is a primary user of the small, nearly abandoned website, of which he missed all events which happened while he was gone, but has a quite clear imagery of such.

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