The Election process began with a seed from Yugo(@Jyushimatsu) saying; "im gonna make a poll, who all is running" Users @karramatsu @jyushimatsu @osomatsu @sigmaklim @kamille competed for the title of TurtleSeed President on 2/24/16. The first round of user-based votes concluded with Inky[@karramatsu] as president with a whopping 26 votes. [19 for Jyushimatsu, 3 for Sigmaklim, 3 for Kamille] The first round of voting, however, was scrapped do to candidates voting for themselves and double(or 10+) votes for one of the five candidates. The 1st presidential term was short lived and a new form for voting was brought about where you had to identify yourself as you casted the vote. The final results revealed that SG(@Osomatsu) won the election, fair and square. Leading with 8 votes out of 18. [4 for Jyushimatsu, 4 for Karramatsu, 1 for Kamille, 1 for Sigmaklim]

There was political slander on TS user Jyushimatsu's part. "@shiba dont vote for inky shes straight". Although it may not seem like much, this may have swayed some of the TurtleSeeder's votes. This was the only 'real' slander that has yet to be identified.

After losing the Presidential Race, both Yugo and Inky decided to elect themselves as Vice Presidents. This was approved by SG, who then elected both Siggy [@sigmaklim] and Demi [@Kamile] as Vice Vice Presidents. On 3/17/2016, Demi's status of Vice Vice President was changed to the presidential cat.

TS user @Shiba is the entire FBI [self-proclaimed until 2/26/2016 when SG made it official]

TS user @ccorfarts is the Supreme Court [self-proclaimed until 2/26/2016 when SG made it official]

TS user @Pasty is the Prime Minister [self-proclaimed until 2/26/2016 when SG made it official]

TS user @lchimatsu is the Secretary of Defense [SG made it official on 3/4/2016]

TS user @kovomaka is the Secretary of Energy [SG made it official on 3/20/2016]

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