A deer for deer!!!!!!

@Twitchtip, otherwise known as Twitch or Ashlyn, is a turtleseed user who may or may not know how to use the site. She is 17, faekin+fickin, panromantic, aceflux, and currently in a quasiplatonic relationship. She is also bigender and would be very happy if you used they/them pronouns or fae/faer when talking to her but you don't have to.

Info Edit

Ashlyn enjoys gardening, but spends most of her time indoors reading manga and watching anime because she is a massive nerd. Her current passions are yowapeda and +anima, she she will sit around talking headcanons for hours if you let her.


As her un implies, Ashlyn also loves the underland chronicles and is starved for friends to talk to about it. Please read the underland chronicles. Please.

Ashlyn is also an amateur writer and would love any help or proofreading offered. Her writing blog can be found at burningbrokenantlers on tumblr. On that note, she has a personal/fandom blog, an otherkin help blog, and a blog where she roleplays her ocs, of which she has too many. She also has an nsfw blog but search for it at your own risk.

Noteable seeds Edit

  • I may not be the flashlight gotham deserves, but I'm the flashlight gotham needs.
  • You know how every1 shortens asexual to ace and aromantic to aro? Do u ever think how silly it'd be to try to shorten agender. Age.
  • My brother just called #yowapeda yaoi no monomo pedal
  • #eatman fandom grab your bolt cranks
  • My name is photos glow glow and i will answer to no other

Testimonials Edit

leave stuff here pls

extremely very gay hcs that will gurantee to destroy even the most darkest and bitter of hearts through the sheer magnitude of cuteness -@dionysus

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