Real Name Newt
Username @universe
  • Counselor
  • official shore bore
Gender lethargender
Age 17
Status permanently asleep
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@universe's current icon

@unverise is a cool kid who tends to be a lurker. Xe "pride" xemselves in being the official shore bore. Xe also use the gender neutral pronouns, "Xe, Xem, and Xyrs". Newt would like everyone to know that xe'd like to be everyone's cool older sibling figure, unless someone is older than Lud, in that case xe'd like to be the cool younger sibling.

About Edit

Newt is a 17 year old senior in High School. Xe really like

Hetalia, despite it not seeming so. Newt would actually like everyone to know that Hetalia is very near and dear to xem. Xe joined Turtleseed after seeing a promotional post from a tumblr user. Newt wanted to make new friends and join a new social media site.

In real life, Newt is an activist and attends many speaking events where xe speak to very large crowds full of college students and sometimes school faculty. (Scary, xe know.) However, Newt loves it. Newt also plays pokemon, pokemon to Newt is like air to lungs. Xe also watch anime, but apparently none of the ones that are hot topics on the shore.

Turtleseed Clans Edit

Clan Leader Edit


After reading a really bad book, Newt decided to open up /ts/goodreads where everyone could share their favorite books and recommend them to each other. Goodreads was opened up on August 24th, 2014.


Newts favorite anime is Ping Pong the Animation, so xe decided to make a clan where other fans can talk about their favorite characters and headcanons. Sadly, Newt is the only person in the clan.

Clan Membership Edit

While Newt is very VERY bad at keeping up with xyr clans, xe are the member of the following clans:

  • /animalcrossingnl
  • /anime
  • /animejams
  • /artists
  • /bunclan
  • /feminism
  • /fictionkin
  • /haikyuu
  • /headcanons
  • /hetalia
  • /hetaliakin
  • /japanesemusic
  • /justranting
  • /neurodivergent
  • /otherkinchat
  • /penpals
  • /pokemon
  • /queer
  • /robotkin
  • /tutorseed
  • /yowapeda

Pals Edit

Newt just talks to anyone that's willing to talk to xem

Trivia Edit

  • Newt has never watched naruto in xyr entire life
  • xyr birthday is Feb 22nd (wink wink)
  • xyr took French for 2 years in high school, which was useless
  • xe were on the hatch 100 as #1 once
  • xe are otherkin and fictionkin
  • xyr favorite animes are:
    1. Ping Pong the Animation
    2. Yowamushi Pedal
    3. Princess Jellyfish
    4. Tsuritama
  • xe are an Aceflux Poly-Aroflux with a liking towards guys and other non-binary individuals. 

Testimonials Edit

none yet!!!

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