"I AM WRECKGAR, AND I'M A BIG ASS MEME" -something he has probably said at some point.


look at this literal trash robot,the cute fucker

Buck, also known by nicknames like Koko or @wreckgar, is an actual trash robot. No i'm not insulting him! He's literally made out of trash. Walking junk. That's why him and his army of trash robots are called junkions, obviously from the junk planet they come from. Full of junk. As showed in real footage , these junkions are EXTREMELY lively and trendy. Heeell yeah.

@wreckgar has also kissed the leader of the dinobots, Grimlock , but that's because he's hella gay. (You might wanna ask @chromedome ;) )

With this said, it's been confirmed that @wreckgar is, in fact, a gay trash robot who dares to be stupid. Stupid enough to call @kaon 's "bossy" and DJD boyfriends ugly and not scared, which was a complete offense that ended up with the decepticon being thrown in the trash (once again), running away and crying because she's also gay. There will be revenge, tho.

@chromedome has confirmed that Buck has shit taste in husbands, but they shall not be trusted, as they also say @kaon 's love for Kup is "fucked up because he's a hella old bot". Also they might want to fuck a floating dorito, a good reason for @wreckgar to call them a nerd in my opinion.

@wreckgar is part of the tfcrew, which stands for "t-rex fuckers crew". That would make sense because, you know, he kissed a robo t-rex and is ready to frag him hard. 

I dont even know if he knows this, but somehow he's also part of the GayWire, just because there's a cosmic connection between the minds of @chromedome, him, @Swerve and @kaon, resulting on them sharing minds and basically being just one -see "thats some kant shit yo", theory developed by @kaon.

Let's also add that their appearance in TFA was extremely necessary and important, as he has stated several times in multiple social media such as turtleseed. This can confirm that he's so gay for this junkion there is no end for his gay. (But who wouldn't with such a cute voice! ). I'm sure he has the dokis for other robots (coughcough@chromedomecough) but that's confidential information.

It is also said that he lives surrounded by cool animals. Fuck yeah

wreckgar died on September the 12th, when he decided to sit down on kaon while in altmode and this one electrified him. rip to the walking trash can.

His mottos:Edit

"Bah-Weep-Graaaaagnah Wheep ni ni Bong!" 
"I AM WRECK-GAR, I AM ONLY GOOD FOR ONE THING: MEMES!!!" -he has probably said that 
"GARBAGE!!! I MUST DELIVER GARBAGE TO ALL!!" -him throwing robots to everybody


"He's a gay furry" -@chromedome
"@wreckgar confirmed for actual trash robot" -@kaon

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