ts user @yumikuri is a Huge Memer pass it on

goes by the name ks, she is a cis girl so she/her and feel free to tell her if she says/does something problematic pls!!

sexuality: WTF-romantic and ?? ? ? ?? ?/ / /?? ? thats it

(in love with five from znt??? would be all over ayato kirishima and ken kaneki)

LUVS YUMIKURI TALK TO HER ABOUT YUMIKURI, HANJI, AND ARMIN AND SHE WILL LOVE YOU (nothing else about snk is rly important to me tbh but if u wanna talk about that too i guess its fine)

shes anime trash in general rly and open to suggestions on what to watch too!!! shes mostly interested in nge, dr/sdr2, tokyo ghoul, zankyou no terror, etc. (she doesnt talk about homestuck. ever.)

she draws sometimes ??? ? ? but not digitally its a bit unfortunate. she also writes many unfinished fanfics yell at her to finish them if she mentions them on ts

@sadshinji and @kirigirikyouko are her fave people and mb even Huger Memers than herself

Memer? Edit


meme idols: sadshinji, tsumiki memekan

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