Real Name yuu / hase
Username @yuuichirou
  • legend #24
  • prince
  • small ___
  • furry fuck
Gender voidfucker69
Age 17 (09/25/1998)
Status gay for @mikaela
Fave Meme man hand hook hand car door

dear sister

@yuuichirou joined turtleseed February 28th, 2015. They were promoted to legend status on May 16th, 2015 on the Day of Legends along with four other users, an official TS holiday recognized by @Turtleseed.

Appearance Edit

the shinjiest

Personality Edit

  • alignment: neutral good 
  • mbti: ISFJ
  • temperment: phlegmatic-melancholic
  • enneagram: 6w5
  • sun sign: libra (virgo cusp)
  • pronouns: they/their & it/its, alternating
  • orientation: polyquoiroflux, demiaegosexual

Cool facts Edit

  • fresh memes straight from the meme oven
  • theme song is "i'm not gay"
  • irl real yuuichirou hyakuya 100% cold hard facts
  • super adorable and knows it
  • gay as hell (especially for mikaela)
  • mikayuu is canon sorry i dont make the rules
  • a bona fide sinner
  • previous uns: @suzuyarei, @mikafricker69
  • official prince of turtleseed

    first icon, used as @suzuyarei

Testimonials Edit

"suzuya youres so good … i luv ur face" - @kaneki

"yuu is such a tiny baby" - anonymous

"i luv prince yuu theyre my fav" - @typo

"i'm yiff jesus and [hase] is furry fuck" - @mikaela

"@yuuichirou is gay" - @mikaela

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